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A considerable part of the IWC’s work is achieved through bringing together international experts at meetings to reach agreement on matters of importance for the conservation of cetaceans and the management of human activities that might affect their status. These range from annual Scientific Committee meetings through expert workshops to the biennial meetings of the full Commission at which decisions are formally taken.  You can find more information on the work of the IWC and its Committees at

The IWC events portal allows you to obtain information on IWC meetings and workshops. Attendance at IWC meetings and workshops is normally open to national delegates appointed by their Commissioners, specially invited participants who have been notified by the Secretariat and representatives of accredited observer organisations who have been notified by the IWC Secretariat. All documents submitted to IWC meetings and workshops are freely available, as are their reports.

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Through this portal, it is possible to register, submit documents, download documents and obtain information on venues and accommodation. To use the site fully, please log on as a user.

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